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    One of the cool things about being involved in four wheeling is the opportunity to see all the capable types of rigs out there.  All the variety out there lends itself to making great engineering ideas come to life on the trail and on the highways.  The Cruiser Company now proudly offers, in addition to all your Toyota off road performance items, a complete selection of products and services for Jeeps, Broncos, Big Trucks, Diesels, and Zuks. 

          We have built and maintain some very nice rigs and any chance I get I'll be snapping photos of the rig and the owner and posting a short caption of info. I'm also looking into doing a shopping cart with a secure server so look for it in the future as well. 

Recent Projects and Archived Projects

Kem Merrill's project page is done and updated

Curtis Cross, Ron Kings, and Dr. Charles Pearce's pics all moved from News to the Projects page.

Jim Knight's page is up and viewable, but my comments are forthcoming. I'm going to assemble all the photo galleries and come back with commentary later.

Sam Houston's sweet FJ40 is now viewable w/o comments here

Brad Parson's FJ40 decon and reconstruction is up w/o comments.  Here you go.

Jim Schrader's FJ40 page is finished and up as well as Barry Sorrells mini resto job.  Check em out here

Finally finished!...Long term pet project of mine, a1796 FJ40 restoration with lots of retrofitted amenities.  I built it to sale and its the best driving and riding Land Cruiser I have ever been in.  Check it out here.

Revamped the About Us page to reflect some recent changes.

Moved Curtis Cross' project to the project page

Moved Dr. Charles Pearce's FJ62 conversion to the project page

Ron King's truck now has a permanent home

Here are some teaser pic of Kem Merrill's project

Boyd Corely's massive Scout Project teaser pic. I will have the htm page up shortly....ugh....so many pics to do

Matt Rhodes 5.3 Vortec conversion teaser pics, his page will be up and running shortly too.

Jim Knight's 1978 FJ40 full restoration teaser pics.  I know, I know, yada yada yada.

Dr. Sam Houston's Voodoo Blue 1972 FJ40...teaser pics...yonk yonk

Casey Hargas' 1979 FJ40 with 2FE conversion, crawling beast

Dr. Barry Sorrell's 1968 FJ40 Schuss

Bradley Parson's 1978 FJ40 with a DeWalt scheme

More pics coming

Check Back Soon for more pics!


Click Here to go to check out past projects

Meetings, Trail Rides and Local Events

Check out the GSMTR pic page

Click here to see the event archive of pictures


Most of the guys that hang out at my shop are members of local clubs.  The three local  clubs that are the most active are The Razorback Land Cruisers, The Central Arkansas 4X4 and The Little Rock Crawlers.  Two have websites so check them out.  I'll be posting announcements here about meetings, local and national trail rides, and any participatory events all you four wheelers should attend.

What When Where The details
Local rides  


National Rides      



Here are some pics from the 4H Center's Club Sunshine event.  Quinney, you look good in that Cruiser.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

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