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The most gut-wrenching-make-a-black-hole-of-your-pocket things we can do for your cruiser

  • Complete Restorations to your specifications

  • V8 conversions with or without conversion tranny options
  • Engine Rebuilds and Machine Work
  • Frame off work and powder coating
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    When it comes to the above options your best bet is to sit down with me and discuss what you want to do with the truck.  Is it going to be a built trail beast or is it going to be your everyday driver?  Is the truck in restorable condition and are you going to use the truck everyday or should we turn it into your weekend only play hard toy?  Those decisions really affect what I would recommend we do to your truck.  

    One of the projects I'm working on now is for a graduating student whose father wants him to have a nice but safe cruiser.  It's an older one so I'm going to start with Front Disc Brakes ( I wouldn't consider doing a V8 conversion on an earlier model without beefing up the braking system.), then we are putting in a Vortec V8 with a 4L60e (yes the rear drive shaft is going to be a royal pain).  Anyway, like I said consider what you are going to use the truck for before you dive in.  You will be much happier in the long run.

V8 Conversions

Motor $2500-$10000  Low mileage used complete to brand new Vortec
Installation Labor $3200  We try to make the fitment look stock.  Look at the pics above
Adapters  $1000-$1600  Again it depends on what tranny you choose
Miscellaneous parts and mods ? These things always cost more and take longer( I read that somewhere)

    Please call some of the other conversion shops around the country and see where The Cruiser Company ranks in terms of bang for your buck.  I'm very aware that conversion packages add up to quite a investment but when you climb into truck on a cold January morning, turn the key, and the motor comes to life without you having to beg, you will smile from ear to ear.  Or when your going up rollover in Tellico and you have to use the gas maybe twice and not shatter your ring and pinion,  you'll smile from ear to ear.  Or when you visit the gas pump fewer times per year then you'll think of and thank me and my boys.

    Here is a personal testament for you.  I drove my cruiser with the straight six for about four years.  My yearly fuel consumption totaled around $1100 at about 9 mpg.  Now after installing the Vortec and the NV4500 my yearly average has dipped to about $600 in fuel.  That savings is eventually going to pay for the majority of my conversion expense and my truck is so much more fun to drive.  If you are considering a swap give me a call and let's discuss all your options.

Heavy Duty

"Your going to feel a little pressure, don't move"

  • Rear disc conversion, all models, starting at $750 installed

  • Front disc brake conversion, $1400 

  • Power steering conversion for early and late models, varies 

  • Roll cages and Bumpers, $475 and $100+ respectively

  • Seats by Corbeau, new w/warranty, brackets,  choice of fabric, $350/

  • Rims and Tires, all makes and models

  • Fuel Injection for sixes or eights

  • Gear set ups, all new internals for about $600

  • Lift suspensions and handling kit,  $500 up

    Of the services offered here the most popular tend to be the power steering conversions and the rear disc conversions.  The advanced handling kit is pretty popular too.  I tend to give customer a break if the they buy both the handling kit and the power steering at the same time because the labor sort of overlaps and I think it makes for a much better driving experience.  When we do a conversion we offer several options for components.  We generally prefer to use AGR because they make awesome power steering components  (variable ratio gears, ram steering, high pressure pumps)  but they are not inexpensive. So we, also carry more affordable brands of components as well.  We use Nascar quality universals, 3000 psi hoses with pressed on fittings, thick plates, high schedule shaft material and weld in a slip joint for safety.

    Becoming a dealer for Corbeau seats is one of the best things I've done.  Read my rant on the products page.  They are simply cool.  Corbeau offers several models of seats to fit just about any budget and provides bolt in brackets.  My life is now easier.  Moving on to fabricated stuff.  If we build you a bumper or a roll cage it would be priced according to the options chosen for each respectively.  Simple square tube bumpers with a winch mount start at about $125 on up to elaborate bull bars made from the thickest schedule tube for about $700.  Front roll cages added to an existing center bar start at $475 installed and go up from there.  

    Lift suspensions start at around $800 installed.  Some of the more expensive Old Man Emu kits run upwards of $2000.  But,  as they say you get what you pay for.  I have Old Man Emus on my truck and I absolutely love them.  I sure hated cutting that check though. These prices quoted above also prevent sticker shock.  When I sell a lift kit it includes things normally not mentioned. The modifications needed on the drive shafts, brake line extensions, shims, and new shocks are included so there are no hidden cost that bulge the eyes out of your sockets when you come to pick up your truck.


  • Winches and Fairleads
  • Harness Reloom and Refurbish, yes I can fix that spaghetti under your dash
  • Lockers of all types, starting at $300
  • Aftermarket gauges set in custom panels

    One thing I've noticed over the years I've been doing this is the neglect harnesses receive.  The wiring of your truck is analogous to our circulatory/nervous system.  Any time a major upgrade is performed on a truck, the harness should be looked at and consider for renovation. This not only improves the value of the final job but it also (when done properly) insures a safe and functional vehicle, not a burning hulk on the side of the road or trail.  If you have concerns about your harness send it to me or bring the truck by my shop and I'll check it for problems, revamp it to your specs, and reloom it for you.

    I absolutely love lockers.  My favs are air lockers by ARB (hated cutting that check again though).  These mechanical marvels allow vehicles to do things not normally possible for a vehicle to do.  I really like the convenience of air lockers because trucks that are set up for the trail can be everyday drivers with the push of a button and vice versa.   For those of you intending to build specifically for the trail get a Lock Rite or something similar for ease of repair and the luxury of having a locker with money left over to spend elsewhere.

    Here is a cool thing we do here at the Cruiser Company.  Check out this next series of pics.  It show the evolution of a dash panel and cover kit with custom VDO gauges.  

fabdash001.jpg (63447 bytes) fabdash002.jpg (62751 bytes) fabdash003.jpg (63588 bytes) fabdash005.jpg (64376 bytes) fabdash006.jpg (63192 bytes)
fabdash007.jpg (63844 bytes) fabdash008.jpg (62205 bytes) It was the weekend if you're wondering about the LSU shirt. fabdash010.jpg (64235 bytes)   fabdash009.jpg (62345 bytes)
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Pretty cool huh?

Daily Driver


  • Regular Maintenance and Tune ups
  • Refurbished Interior Pieces, Accessories  and Trim
  • Exterior Accessories, Emblems and Trim

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    Of course we do the little things as well.  We probably have about fifty to sixty local cruiser owners that trust us and only us to perform all their maintenance and service needs.  I am hoping to expand my service base to include all the other types of  trick off road vehicles out there.  In the mean time, we have a full service shop and a very knowledgeable and capable staff to help you solve your problems and to help with your service needs. 

We are looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanks for considering us for the job!

Bobby Moran

President, The Cruiser Company



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