Some of my friend's rides

Don't move that dial, the page just takes awhile to load.  I've got a lot of clients and friends with rides that want to be seen.


John Carroll's, Gordon Silaski's, and My FJ40 in Photo Gallery One

Felton Rhode's Fj60, David Dixon's Restored FJ43 and Richard Glascock's FJ40 in Photo Gallery Two


Rick Alexander and his FJ80.  I wish he would let me get my hands on this.  Rick also has a 40 so look for that soon.  Rick is also the president of The Razorback Land Cruisers club here in Arkansas so contact him through their website and check there for more info about joining this club.   

Dave Steelman is the proud owner of the Arkansas Iron Pig.  This is his project as of late and should be very trick when he is done.  He has scheduled a power steering conversion with me recently so look for the pics on the projects page soon.

Casey is one of our club's officer and owns a sweet FJ40.  The lucky sob won a set of boggers on his rookie trip to Tellico.  He and his lovely wife are both  cruiser owners (she has an 80) and are the owners of Dizzy's Grill in Benton, AR., the local meeting place for the Central Arkansas 4x4 club

Bob Hoffman is the consummate jack of all trades.  This guy is accomplished at so much it is scary.  Since purchasing the rig behind him he has slowly worked the FJ40 into one very capable rig.  The picture here doesn't do it justice because this truck walks over the toughest of obstacles

I am glad I got a few shots of this bad ass cruiser before Hardin was too far into his infection stage.  Hardin Bale's FJ40 sport some serious equipment.  TPI powerplant attached to a cut down Dana 60 rear via an SM420.  

This is Curt Henry and his pet ( he can't have Ruf and Max).  A 1978 FJ40 that I just recently finished converting to an H55f five speed and split case with disc brake emergency brake.  Curt, beaming as he pulled into the drive the other day,  informed me he was getting 17 m.p.g..  Curt is the owner of Signs Now in Little Rock and does the trickest stuff with graphics I have ever seen.  Look for some sticker packages on the products page soon. 

Forest Lovette has spent many a weekend in my shop building this flexy monstrosity.  He custom built the suspension for the rear for extra flex and installed an Sm420 for very slow crawling.  I can't wait to see the debut of the truck on the rocks in the Smokey Mountains.    

Dale Bennet just got this FJ60 a few weeks ago and is already planning a  year's worth of improvements for the truck and has already done front and rear bumpers, new tires, and a roof rack is on the way.   

Jay Heulitt owns this very cool cruiser.  It's a 1978 FJ40 painted a charcoal metallic.  Inside there is a custom rollcage for front and rear occupants.  The rear section has a trick fold up seat that came out of some other vehicle but works perfectly in '40's.  I installed an additional set of shoulder harnesses for the rear seat for added safety.  Jay drives it everyday and is always contemplating the next addition.

Dave Williamson's FJ40 is bad.  A fuel injected V8 with a Clark 280so five speed mated to a Toyota 3 speed transfer provides driveline power.  The inside is custom to Dave's spec and features a sweet gauge package to monitor performance and a switch panel that controls the winch, throttle, electric fan, and the like.  Of course you can see the boggers with beadlocks and the hub of the Birfield eliminator kit.  The suspension feature a 4" lift with anti-inversion lift shackles.  If you see the truck on the trails check out what Dave did for the line locks.  Very trick. 

John Windsor picking up his finished ride.  The truck turned out great.  Some of things we did were AGR power steering, correction kit,  lined inside and out, new wheels and tires,  full color change, stainless steel everywhere, Vintage Air kit and five point restraint system. Check out his project pics. You will be amazed at what this truck has gone through.

Peter Fotio's  owns this very sweet FJ62.  The truck is one of the cleanest I've seen.  It sports the original paint job and runs like a top.  Peter is entertaining offers for the truck in the $10,000 range if you happen to be looking for cherry '62. 

Dave Lay owns "Tonka".  It is a '72 model powered by the six attached to an H41 four speed/3 speed xfer combo.  The axles are stuffed with Detroit Lockers front and rear with 4.88 gearing. A front disc brake axle from a later model cruiser provides stopping power. Other amenities include  the mini truck p/s conversion, a birfield eliminator kit, a factory PTO winch and a rear mounted XD9000.

I know its grandiose but the truck is huge so it needed an attention getting color besides it had the always classic John Deer motif. Gerald is a machinist and built this truck himself.  It has one of the best spring overs Ive seen. Its sports a V8 and NV4500.  It has p/s and four wheel disc brakes.  It also sports on board air and a full roll cage. Check out the classifieds for more pics

Can you see the Mona Lisa smile on Erin's face? And I quote," that was the a/c kickin in".  I can't give you guys all the scoop because that may cause Erin's head to swell and possibly explode-almost as large as Forest's.

Jerry is the proud owner of this 1969 model FJ40.  He is always doing little things to constantly improve the truck.  He has gone over the body,  built a roll cage and a back bumper, put in new seats, and currently is refurbishing the hard top.  Jerry also has a 1985 FJ60

Anthony Zardo owns this beast.  He has done all the work himself and really deserves accolades.  He installed a V8 with a Clark 280 so five speed.  The truck also has power steering and a correction kit.  Az fab'd the bumper and just about every other bracket and thingamabob he needed to finish the truck..

John Dean is a local dentist with a love for his FJ60.  He just had me install a new Old Man Emu Suspension kit, tune the motor, and powder coat his factory bumpers for a more aggressive look.  We also installed some new aluminum rims and some BFG 31x10.5 all terrain KO's.  I thinked he is hooked.  Now all we have to is bring his wife around.

This is Jeremy Landons FJ80, a very sweet ride for the trails.  Factory lockers front and rear, nice functional snorkel, lifted a little and post pic added an ARB bull bar that hides the indicated tree love.  

This is Bob Harris's FJ60. One of the cleanest I've seen.  Bob came to me to fix an oil leak he felt was beyond his scope.  Turns out we completely rebuilt the 3F, put on a ceramic header, and installed a BDS suspension system.  One of the cleanest you will see around.

This is Felton Rhodes and Noah Rhodes standing next to the most cherry Fj60 in the United States.   45k original miles.  Check out the pics here 

This is Paul Caldwell's FJ80.  Paul call me when u see this bc I'm an idiot.  The borders are all off and we need to redo the shot.  Paul wants to upgrade many things on this truck and I can't wait to get my hands on it. hehe




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