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Some pictures from Roctoberfest in Cass, Ar.

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Some pictures from the last meeting at my shop and the annual toy drive 

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The March 17 meeting went great.  Upcoming elections for club officers, logo choices, and screaming into the deaf ears of land policy decision makers were the topics of the day.  All you Arkansas four wheel drive owners please join or form a local club and lend your voice and efforts to obtaining an O.H.V area for us here in the state.  If you need direction or info check out the links on the home page and JOIN US!  Here are some pics from the meeting.

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Pics from GSMTR 2001

Getting ready

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Setting up shop and making the instructional video for a Warn Coil over on a Cruiser

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Pics from McNabb

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Some action shots from Slick Rock

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Forest's truck did awesome on the trails.  On one night run on trail 2 he took the most spectacular line on the top rock I've ever seen and pulled it off.  And as all of us in Little Rock know, Forest's head is big enough, to add to it's girth his truck won the Officer's Choice award and then the ego- megalomaniac didn't even props my shop where he built it.  Forest your rental price for my bays is going way up!


Some action shots from The Bottom of 2

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Miscellaneous and packing up

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Okay I have to start this years round up with the single greatest event at GSMTR this year.

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Dennis in a daze, Edwin working his way up rollover, Forest prepping for his finale and Hello are u in there.

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A whole row devoted to The Spanky Mobile.

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We got some air, Blaize with a tea bottle in his head, This dude accidently engaged his line locks and we thought he broke everything, Nick is his sweet turbo truck, Heading out to the plains to load up.

The Razorback Ramble 2002

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A good view, both the line up and the vista, Pics of Edwin's and Jason's rig and a Bad ass FJ80 from Texas

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Spanky going up Concrete Hill, apparently he caused some concern here.  The rock garden is the making

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Driver's meeting. Registration. Tamara styling. One of the easy trails.  Nice far off view

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The Friday evening dinner at Coy's Steakhouse

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Cool pic on the left and more from the Rock Garden

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Dinner and the Ramble.  The gang lining up for the last day.



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Drivers getting their safety instructions 

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and the wagons assemble

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If Rufus can do it...

RR03timmy.jpg (62135 bytes) goobers to the left and remember Tim's truck from the projects RR03twhite.jpg (62086 bytes)


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Sunday, December 19, 2010


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