This is why you have a professional do your installs

You should've seen this wiring nightmare!


Ron King's FJ80


Ron purchased the truck from a gentlemen in Colorado and immediately began to have difficulties with the electrical system.   We decided the course of action would be to remove the unnecessary stuff from the truck and purchase an engine management harness since the previous installer simply laid the whole harness from the donor truck on the engine itself!!!

Well here they are in all there glory the pics I could not get off my camera.  This was an absolutely horrible job done on this conversion.  It was quite frankly, gross.  Should you see anyone doing any kind of work like that done in these pics have them step away from the vehicle because they should not be working on it!

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Okay the first pics show the engine bay.  Notice the wiring harness and comp laying on top of the motor.  Notice the outstanding fabrication skills of the installer on the motor mounts, jagged metal from rough ungrounded cuts and the always classic thermal wrap. The passenger fender well had several large gauge wires coming up from the batteries tucked b/n the frame rail and the running board.  The driver side had this cluster of air lines and this unseemly collection of useless relays and fuses.

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I actually saved and used this extension cord a.k.a. car wiring,  Check out the glove box...err I mean the computer hideaway.  They had remote starter controller in there as well.  Notice the outstanding craftsmanship with the crimp-on connectors!  

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I get a kick out of seeing wire nuts in automotive wiring, makes me feel all tingly.  Very sharp oil cooler.  The wad of wiring under the dash was about 8 " around and had the wiring for the the 3 TV's, the VCR, the Dvd, and the alarm all zip tied up. 

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The "bundle" unwrapped.  Starting to figure out what goes where.  Essentially we gutted the entire inside of the truck and started over.  Do you like the telephone cord as the alternator trigger wiring.  The air block I put together and a mounted fuse panel. 

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I reclaimed the glove box.  I hid all the controllers and power supplies underneath the console and shift console.  Hooked up the snorkel and cleanly installed the comp and needed relays.

I'll have some starting pics and some follow up pics shortly.  Our next challenge is to redo the shoddily done suspension system.

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