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We are open Monday through Friday 8:30am to whenever, usually about 7 pm.  I'm at the shop on weekends too usually about 10 am



*we get a kick out of hearing Yankee phone sales terrorist trying to say Colonel Glenn


Phone:  501-821-4737

The email to contact me here is bobby @ cruiserco.com


Our refund and privacy policies can be found here.

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Some appreciation from me to some key people

These world wide "thank yous" will stay here for awhile.

    First order of business is a thank you to several people instrumental to the birth of this web site.  Without these people this frankly would not have happened.  So here's to you all.

Jim Emery at Pc-by-design in Little Rock, Ar.  He built me an awesome pc and server and was very gracious and patient with me when doing technical support.

Mike Morrissey for doing the original design for my site on his own time and turning me on to site design.

John Carroll and Gordon Silaski. I cannot express the thanks I owe these two.  Besides being dream clients these two have contributed so much to the success of the shop I would not be able to list it here.  And would probably get them in trouble with the significant other were I to list it here.

Kurt Henry at Signs Now here in Little Rock.  He has designed the graphics I have chosen to use for the shop.  He does some very cool stuff.  If you ever need any type of graphic product for just about any application call this guy. 

I need to extend a thanks to the people at Arkansas Capital, without them this would not have been possible.

To all the customers who have help The Cruiser Company through its first ten years.


click here for the history of The Cruiser Company

Max and Rufus rule

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The Old Locale 

Thank the Lord above I'm out of this dump. It just sucks that I put all that work into an asshat's property and have nothing to show for it.

Oh well, Karma is a bitch

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New concrete and interior walls. Look for the new sign shortly

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The New Locale

In the spring of '03 I was forced (translated-ex-landlord has greed and control issues) to make an offer on some property about a mile closer to the highway and luckily it was accepted contingent on financing.  So in the middle of August '03 I move all of my stuff out of Issues Boy's building  and to a buddies place,  Took forever, did I mention it was August.  My buddy and I clean up his property and the two shops on his property and he graciously allows me to continue limited operation while we pursue financing and construction for my new shop.

The escrow account we set up expires after I have trouble arranging the good faith portion for a loan to purchase the property through a bank. (They want 25 percent)

Deal is beginning to look a little pale

In the interim I am putting together a business proposal for my bank to simply purchase, demolish and rebuild the existing property and come to find out banks frown upon loaning money on property with gas tanks. 

Deal is now dead

Several weeks later I get a phone call from the property owners saying they are willing to remove the tanks and get the appropriate E.P.A paperwork if I'm still interested.

Deal has a weak pulse

So I begin to arrange for several constructors to submit cost for turnkey shops done like I want them.  The numbers come back after 2 months of phone calls at $53 dollars a foot and that's like 100k more than I want to take on. 

Deal is dead...again

Gary convinces me we can renovate the property and make it work as is. Slowly I see it taking shape and I agree with Gary's assessment.  During this time Gordon has turned me on to a company that specializes in my types of situations and I begin to put together all the paperwork, proposals, and tax information needed.

Deal has a faint pulse...again

So I give the landowners a good faith deposit and we sign an open ended agreement so that I have plenty of time to get the company to help me do this.  Three months later I get the 'its a done deal call' and I become the deed holder April 1st, 2004!!

Deal is done 

And so begins the long process of renovating this place, here are some pics for you to peruse.

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the lovely western side 

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the rear end

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the eastern face 

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the front and previous office space

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this left pics  precursor the waiting room and the bathroom becomes the office and utility closet

newplace023.jpg (60426 bytes) newplace024.jpg (60025 bytes) newplace026.jpg (58972 bytes) newplace027.jpg (59725 bytes)

this is the front area inside 

newplace028.jpg (61280 bytes) newplace029.jpg (60177 bytes) newplace034.jpg (60060 bytes) newplace031.jpg (60681 bytes)

on the left is the future parts and shipping area, and some cleaning up and demolition is starting

newplace035.jpg (59996 bytes) newplace035.jpg (59996 bytes) newplace036.jpg (62920 bytes) newplace037.jpg (63534 bytes) newplace038.jpg (61313 bytes)

the fish tanks took me four days to remove via a sledge and large shovel

newplace042.jpg (57249 bytes) newplace039.jpg (61813 bytes) newplace040.jpg (61276 bytes) newplace041.jpg (59636 bytes)

I saved every piece of usable construction material and when done had 1 2x4 left over!

innerwall.jpg (62206 bytes) innerwallreframe.jpg (63197 bytes) newwindow.jpg (60306 bytes) newwindow002.jpg (63120 bytes) officearea001.jpg (61418 bytes)

Some pics of the framing for the window and the the new walls

ceilingremoved.jpg (61899 bytes) officeframe.jpg (62865 bytes) plumbing.jpg (63387 bytes) plumbing002.jpg (62936 bytes) utilities.jpg (63599 bytes)

We ripped out all the wiring (if you call it that) and the ceiling.  We overhauled the whole septic and plumbing system

acduct001.jpg (61000 bytes) acducting.jpg (64481 bytes) bathroomframe.jpg (59985 bytes) shopfloor.jpg (61557 bytes) officearea005.jpg (62570 bytes)

I put in the ducting for the AC, unfortunately a buddy of mine who owns a HVAC company said, "fool what the hell have you done here",  $2400 dollors later I had central heat and air, Framing going up and sheetrock going up.  I had a company come in and buff the shop floor smooth.

front005.jpg (61888 bytes) front006.jpg (63531 bytes) shop002.jpg (61721 bytes) shop004.jpg (60325 bytes)

A good bud who happens to be great carpenter came over and helped me build the overhang in a weekend.  Let there be light and my brother in-law priming/painting my shop area

skinning001.jpg (60507 bytes) skinning002.jpg (63237 bytes) skinning004.jpg (60197 bytes) skinning005.jpg (62428 bytes)

My plan was to give the building a more uniform look so we skinned the whole outside with wood framing for a metal skin and trimming. 

septiclinerepair.jpg (62294 bytes) septiclinerepair002.jpg (62080 bytes) septiclinerepair003.jpg (62189 bytes) septicrepair004.jpg (61736 bytes)

Our intentions were to redo the septic line and and seal up the outside wall since water leaks in the wall when it rains.  Alas a 14" think slab of concreted prevented that and we fixed the septic line and prepped this are for a concrete covering.



The Cruiser Company   
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