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Welcome fellow off-roading fanatics!  Come on in and look around,  WWW.CRUISERCO.COM is enjoying it's eleventh year of providing you with another spot to enjoy off road antics.   I think you'll find that we have a great deal to offer via browsing this site or taking the drive out to see us. 

Thanks to everyone who offered condolences on Rufus. It is much appreciated.

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Thank you very much for perusing my website!  

Give me a call or stop by anytime.  I would love to chat with you or get a chance to meet you.

Lots of people have pointed out my name is nowhere to be found on my site. It's Bobby. If you need to reach me via email try


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About Us  News @ CruiserCo  Services  Parts  Current & Past Projects  Readers Rides |Classifieds |Links |


Having fun in the back yard.

It always cost more and takes longer.
Nothing, I repeat, nothing simply bolts on.
I cringe when I hear, "UH OH"
Painless harnesses are painful

We build some awesome Runners and Minis as well.


  One of the many tough cruisers put together at my shop performing on a trail not to far from my locale.

December 2010

Uploaded several new projects.  Still working on getting a few pics off my Mavica Camera.  Ive started several new projects and will have the beginnings of them up shortly.  Also I am now partnering with a fabrication company and we are going to start making parts that are very helpful, common and reasonbly priced.

I got my new camera both video and still and will be adding much better pics, short vids of the dogs, actual works in progress, technical stuff and  interesting failures and Good lord some of the other shop around here whose work we come across is, shall we say, craptastic in HD.

Updated the Classifieds pages with Felton Rhodes' sweet FJ60 and Gus Fernandez's FJ40, a very nice truck.

Updated the Small Projects Page.  You can see some of the everyday stuff we do plus some more involved things that aren't full bore restos.....check it here and there are links on the Projects page as well.

Uploaded Bill Frenchs' FJ40....damnit Im jealous....frigin bad ass Diesel Conversion.

Uploaded Derek Garner's Restoration photo series with just pics, comments will come later.

Uploaded some of Dr. Barry Sorrells' CJ2A mini resto project.  And finished the comments on his 1968 FJ40 page.   Check it out the jeep here and his FJ40 here

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