John Windsor's Project Swiss Cheese

I'm sorry John, I couldn't resist

    Here is most of the process involved in refurbishing John Windsor's 1979 FJ40.  You can send me your accolades via email, just kidding.  

John Windsor's 1979 Fj40

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Typical of the later models John's truck had cancerous rust in all the right (wrong) places.  Unfortunately I kept digging and scraping and probing and managed to find some more.  BUT through the miracles that happen at my shop everyday we managed to rather effectively repair all the rust and get the tub back together.

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Bryant at Creative Coatings sprayed the bottom side of the truck as well as the inside of the tub so that John will be able to give at least the tub of the truck to his grandchildren.

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While the tub was off we prepped the frame by scraping the scale off, rust morting the frame and painting it a glass black.  When we had the chassis back together we did the correction kit and the power steering conversion.

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Here are some pics from the spray booth.  We took every thing apart and prepped each piece separately.  More importantly we managed to get it all back together!











Now you are probably not going to believe this is the same cruiser from above.

You've been warned.  These pics are for mature audiences only

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The truck turned out awesome.  The color just shines.  You'll notice the Vintage Air unit under the dash and the installation of the compressor in the engine bay.

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We trimmed every thing on the inside and outside in stainless steel and painted most of the trim in black.  Note the pic of the windshield frame and then peruse the pics above to see the difference in start and finish.   Let me know what you think of the truck better yet let John know when you see on the streets of Memphis 


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