Scott Eichorn's FJ40

        One of my recent projects is a 1971 FJ40 being pretty much totally redone.  The vehicle is owned by Dr. Scott Eichhorn of Searcy, Arkansas.  Scott has had the truck for quite some time and has managed to have the exterior of the truck smoothed up and painted (Thank You).  He is building the truck for his son so we discussed all his options and decided to go with a Vortec 350, a 4L60e, four wheel disc brakes, AGR power steering with a variable ratio steering gear,  handling kit with a new lift suspension and shocks, new Sport Seats with harnesses and a full roll cage.  Other things we are doing to the truck include complete disassembly to powder coating everything we can,  lining everything we can,   relooming and inspecting his factory wiring harness, and refurbishing all the trucks accessories during reassembly.  Check out the pics below.  


001SEstart.jpg (48824 bytes) 002SEdriveside.jpg (35128 bytes) 003SEenginedis.jpg (45233 bytes) You can see the exterior of the truck is in excellent shape.
Keiko slacking off on my time (just kidding Keiko). Check out the excellent fab work on the roll cage feet.  The nitty gritty and dirty and grimy and oily 004KeikoonScots.jpg (34975 bytes) 005SEtub.jpg (32460 bytes) 006SEframe.jpg (38344 bytes)
007SEfrtframe007.JPG (38292 bytes) 008SEaxleframe.JPG (36550 bytes) 009SEkitprep.jpg (45747 bytes) Here is where the fun starts.  Check out how we prep the frame over the next few pics. The results are worth the extra effort.
Making sure it all fits.  We started with the pulley- radiator gap to fit an electric fan and went back from there as this sets the driveline position. 010SEkitinstall.jpg (45990 bytes) 011SEv8prep.jpg (34687 bytes) 012SEmountweld.jpg (45794 bytes)
013SErearframeprep.jpg (39589 bytes) 015SErrframeprep2.JPG (37221 bytes) 018SEcrossmem.jpg (34372 bytes) The driveline was so long we had to redo the factory frame support.  I'll use the new support to mount the fuel pump and to redo the rear brake line

We truss both frame horns to strengthen the front end and only cut the center arm section just enough to fit the sector. We use the tub to check everything.

016SEpsfitting.jpg (45196 bytes) 017SEgearmtng.jpg (44496 bytes) 019SEunderside.jpg (48508 bytes)
020SEexhfitting.jpg (47474 bytes) 021SEexhfitting2.jpg (39285 bytes) 022SEtransfit.jpg (41162 bytes) I was unsure if the factory manifolds were going to work.  Fitting properly pays off.  The manifolds work hence the EGR items will work as well.
Generally I frown on doing a V8 in an early model w/o upgrading the brakes so here Keiko is actually working again on the upgrade process. 023SEfrtaxleredo.jpg (42246 bytes) 024SEknuckle.jpg (45932 bytes)
030SEHarness.jpg (41618 bytes) 031SEcarnage.jpg (37437 bytes) 032SEHarness.jpg (45081 bytes) This is one of the hardest things we do here.  Take a firetrap harness, redo it for the V8 installation and redo the factory wiring.  Carnage!!
Too many people forget the harness.  We rewired this one with the V8 requirements installed.  Very clean, very clean  032SEHarness.jpg (45081 bytes) 033SEfinharness.jpg (121605 bytes)
034serearsprings.JPG (40511 bytes) 035sespringson.JPG (36969 bytes) 036sesdrvtrain.JPG (40720 bytes) Once we got the frame back the reassembly and final fittings could begin.  With the tub off every thing goes together pretty quickly.
This is the part I like.  Everyday the chassis reflects your efforts.  You can see the progress taking place.  037sedrvtrainin.JPG (38295 bytes) 038sedrvtrainin2.JPG (48300 bytes) 039serearharnessprep.JPG (39753 bytes)
040serrharnessin.JPG (39205 bytes) 041sefuelharness.JPG (37804 bytes) 042sefuellines.JPG (38007 bytes) With the tub off and a little planning the fuel lines, pump and harness can be tucked away so that they look and function like stock.
The S&P Electronics harness is custom made for me so that I can literally plug into the cruiser harness. This allows a very clean install. 043seengharnprep.JPG (39794 bytes) 044seengharnprep2.JPG (39613 bytes) 045seengharnprep3.JPG (39872 bytes)
046sexferparts.JPG (38251 bytes) 047sebadstuff.JPG (38960 bytes) 048sexferredo.JPG (38600 bytes) Scott's transfer case was basically destroyed.  Look carefully at the teeth of the gears and shaft and check out the front nose cone bearing.  
Scott had the body done somewhere else but they did not do the interior so I decided to touch up everything I could for a more finished truck when I delivered it to Scott.  049sefirewallprep.JPG (38381 bytes) 050sefirewalldone.JPG (36803 bytes) 051sedashprep.JPG (36306 bytes)
052sedashredo1.JPG (37560 bytes) 053sedashredo2.JPG (37443 bytes) 054SEcomputer.jpg (37728 bytes) 055secompin.JPG (38283 bytes)
058SEhood001.JPG (37606 bytes) 058SEhood002.JPG (37291 bytes) 058SEhood003.JPG (36662 bytes)
056sealtlightplug.JPG (38051 bytes) 057separtsrecon.JPG (40560 bytes) 059seshifter.JPG (42277 bytes)

I needed to finish the detail prep before I started putting the tub back on.  The wiring went in great. The shifter worked fine so I moved to the firewall stuff.

The interior is starting to come together here.  Making a boot for the dual shifter is going to be an interesting challenge because of its position.

060setankin.JPG (37854 bytes) 061sepassseatfrm.JPG (37754 bytes) 062seseatframe.JPG (39792 bytes)
063sebrkline.JPG (37735 bytes) 064sebrklines.JPG (35590 bytes) 065seheatshld.JPG (36553 bytes) 066SEhtrhoseconn.JPG (38117 bytes) The custom brake lines really help to clean up the firewall.  I fab'd a heat shield for the harness and the heater hose pipes.
With the tub fitted and everything clearing the bolt up phase begins. 067SEfitok.JPG (36812 bytes) 068sedash001.JPG (35737 bytes) 069seaccel.JPG (37861 bytes)
071SEhubs.JPG (36787 bytes) 071SEadapteron.JPG (34331 bytes) 091sedash003.JPG (38170 bytes) The steering wheel presented many interesting hours of scratching my head on how to get an early model horn button to work since the shaft is the ground. Any suggestions?
We lined the fenders and put together the engine compartment.  The alternator wires, hoses, and  battery box were put in next. 072selinerfend.JPG (37933 bytes) 073SEheathoses.JPG (39449 bytes) 074sealtwires.JPG (39055 bytes) 078SEbatt001.JPG (38631 bytes) 079sebatt002.JPG (39131 bytes)
075SEcooler.JPG (40148 bytes) 076sedrvharnprep.JPG (37715 bytes) 077SEpslines.JPG (37771 bytes) Make it look stock!
We decided to use a B&M shifter which pleasantly surprised me with the correctness and ease of operation and shifting.  080Seshifter001.JPG (33058 bytes) 082Seshifter002.JPG (38636 bytes) 083SEshifter003.JPG (38497 bytes)
084SEshifter004.JPG (110074 bytes) 085SEshifter005.JPG (38231 bytes) 086SEshiftet006.JPG (38174 bytes) 087SEseatfframes.JPG (130493 bytes)
Fitting the seats from Corbeau and getting the dash lined out.   088seatsin.JPG (37331 bytes) 089sedash001.JPG (37587 bytes) 090sedash002.JPG (36812 bytes)
092secage000.JPG (39028 bytes) 093secage001.JPG (37158 bytes) 094secage002.JPG (37534 bytes) Since early models are devoid of roll cage parts we retrofitted a late model cage and a front cage assembly.
Finished the cage welding and installed it and the seats the final time. 095secage003.JPG (39949 bytes) 096secage004.JPG (37671 bytes) 097seseatsin001.JPG (37157 bytes)
098sefrontbib.JPG (40241 bytes) 099serrtail.JPG (37008 bytes) 100sEpchood.JPG (38710 bytes)

The final pieces are coming together.  With body pieces finding their resting place the finish line is in sight.

We tried to use the stock tank but it was too rusted, so we went with a poly kit.  The engine bay is done as are the shifters. seengine001.JPG (186067 bytes) sedualshifter.JPG (38684 bytes) sepolytank.JPG (37632 bytes)
seoff001.JPG (38511 bytes) seoff003.JPG (37388 bytes) Scott and his son driving off.  


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