Grant Hegrane's Very Rare and Unique FJ43


Here are the pics of a four wheel disc brake conversion on Grant Hegranes, (Grant, let me know if I spelled that correctly), FJ43.  That's right folks, an FJ43.  See how many funky things you can notice about the truck and keep in mind its a '77 model.  The bottom row of pictures were supplied by Grant and show the cruiser in its original stomping grounds in Saudi Arabia and just after completion of his import D.O.T. requirements.

I need to thank Grant for his patience.  I have been waiting on a digital camera for almost a month now and he has been very gracious.  Grant asked me to snap the process of the conversion and put his pics up but I couldn't do it without the camera.  Any way, its here and its on.

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GH001reardrums.jpG (62260 bytes) GH002diffpin.jpg (62438 bytes) GH003axleout.jpg (61947 bytes) GH004brackets.jpg (61001 bytes)

We started with the rear axle.  We removed the old drums and c clips to remove the axle shafts.  Next came mounting the brackets.  I spin the kit bracket one hole so that the bleeder hole is at the very top of the setup and so that the caliper bolts are not in line with the spring packs.  Notice the Calvin Klein work shorts.  (Its hot here in Arkansas)

GH0051sshoses.jpg (61116 bytes) GH005discassm.jpg (60608 bytes) GH006reardone.jpg (60340 bytes) GH007benchbleed.jpg (61482 bytes)

Stainless steel lines add a nice touch.  Next we close the rear differential up after greasing the rear axle bearings and seals and assembling the diff internals throw in a new cork gasket and stir.  The calipers go on at this time and the rear kit is installed.  Notice the factory sway bar and the size of the spring packs.

I more often that not choose to use later model master cylinders.   The ones I use are designed for four wheel disc brakes and usually eliminate proportioning problems.   After bench bleeding and installing the MC the rear line needed to be cut and flared.  

GH008rethread.jpg (60469 bytes) GH009frtdrums.jpg (62562 bytes) GH010bigdrums.jpg (60726 bytes) GH011spindle.jpg (62275 bytes)

Notice the size of the factory front drum equipment.  Then check out the pic with the spindle.  What's odd about this series of pictures?

GH012knklremove.jpg (63412 bytes) GH0131tapknuckle.jpg (62466 bytes) GH013frtknucon.jpg (62395 bytes) GH014felts.jpg (61214 bytes)

We removed the knuckles and cleaned a set of disc brake knuckles.  We put in new knuckle bearings and felt kit and then reinstalled the knuckle assembly.

GH015dustcvr.jpg (62071 bytes) GH016spindleon.jpg (60935 bytes) GH017rotor.jpg (61637 bytes) GH018taphub.jpg (61307 bytes)

We cleaned up a set of hubs and dust shields and painted everything gloss black.  The rotor hub received new bearings, inner and outer, a wiring brushing and a fresh coat of paint.  I tapped all the holes to install the locking hub. 

GH019hubassm.jpg (62178 bytes) GH020caliper.jpg (62593 bytes) GH021newlines.jpg (61057 bytes)

 Next came new calipers and new steel drop lines.  We then bled the system and checked for leaks

GH022capinstall.jpg (61733 bytes) GH023capinstall002.jpg (61886 bytes) GH024capinstall003.jpg (63092 bytes)

Since the light systems on the two models of MC's use different methods of indication,  I tied the caps level indicator into the cruiser's harness so that if the level falls to low the light on the dash will still come on.   

Tires, Lug nuts, Test Drive, and THE BILL.

GHegranes.jpg (62545 bytes) GHloadingup.jpg (59508 bytes)

Here is Grant loading up his baby.  Thanks again Grant for letting me work on your truck.

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