Boyd Corely's Super Scout

Need to get a few before pics cuz we got started and doh no before pics


cobwebs and rat nest


I spent five solid days cutting out the rust and patching up the tub inside and under.

Ahh the FIRST ROLLCAGE and prepping the frame for bumper mounting later.

Boyd had us add the outer edge of the rocker panel to this liner application, had to retape and shoot it all again....ugh!  He also commissioned us to do a rollcage but decided later that the rollcage fitting to the hardtop was too short in terms of headroom so we had to scrap that first cage and completely redesign it for a softtop and additional seat frames.

Boyd didnt like the factory red so 4 hours later the engine was black.
No pics matched the theme here or here

Well we got some welding practise cuz we had to do another rollcage.  This time we re engineered the directions of the hoops to fit better inside the softtop.  Note the seat frames and the tape.  We taped up the bottom of the seats to avoid welding heat getting anything crispy.

The retape for the extra wee bit of liner (kinda lets you see this isnt just a sand and apply type deal) and beginning to work the tub a bit now.

You will note the harness just kept on growing as systems where added.  This project originally birthed as a carb'd engine with factory interior....It evolved into a fuel injected beast with electric windows, 6 speaker sound system, alarm, gauge cluster, and lockers.  OH my!

We worked the body as best we could.  The passenger door was destroyed but we cut out a huge section and fabbed up a skin section that matched pretty well.  The lines werent satisfactory to Boyd so he got us another full door that we worked as well and painted it to match.  The liner in side is primed and painted body color.

This bumper base design just kinda happened.  I knew how we were going to mount it early in the process and we just started shaping and cutting metal to fit the front of the truck in complimentary style lines.  Later we added the upper hoops and accessory tabs.

Got the first paint job done on the base tub and the cage back from the coater....we have started putting things back together. One little problem we had to overcome....the central bar on the cage interfered with the speakers and the cage fit so perfectly we had to tilt it up from the rafters and shim it with then steel plate on the side to allow it to move down and forward into the truck. I pity the fool that has to remove that bastard.  And notice that we had the cage down and then got a gift in the form of a carpet kit which meant we had to remove the cage at least enough to get the carpet down under it and formed where it needed to be.  BTW the carpet kit sets for these trucks suck large hairy ballz when it comes to fitting.

Here you can see the seats going onto the frames and the stereo wiring, already in the harness, being terminated and laid down.  Note the wires for the doors and the speaker cutouts.  And we installed the railings for the sofftop for the doors.  The door wiring has power window stuff added.  Alas Boyd decided later to go with SS doors so we never got to finish the window set up or finish the installation of the first softtop.

Working the final body pieces and painting the tub a second time.  Then applying stickers that lasted bout 3 months.  Finishing up the front and back bumpers and redoing the shoddy spring over that was done previously.  The two front perchers were at odd angles to each other.  We fixed that and redid the perchers on the rear.  Installed a high steer kit and air lockers front and rear with 4:88 gearing.

Some of the electronics going in.  Me fabbing up the dash to accept the gauge cluster Boyd got.  I had to take this thing in and out about ten times because Boyd got 3 sets of gauges before we finally got some that worked.  I added all the indicator lights and this is wired into the factory harness using the factory pinout and connectors with small pigtails to facilitate removal. The locker switches look trick under the radio

Buffing the truck after a 3rd paintjob and notice the stickers are gone.  Also notice the truck grew about 3 inches.  Boyd didnt like the 2 inch kit so he opted for us to install a 4 inch kit with press in style bushings instead of the polyurethane style.  If anyone asked me to install SS doors I would charge them 40 hours.....I had about 55 hours in doing this SS Kit and frame set up.  Nothing fit and I mean nothing.  I called the people that sold them and they said, quoting now, 'just make it work' AYSM!@!!  You will see shortly I had to cut and piece the frames to fit snugly up against body pieces. Absolute crap kit that I miraculously got to worked and look good I might add.


Note the 2nd soft-top and the inside frame for the SS doors.  You can stand on that frame and it doesnt move at all.  We welded the hinge mounts to the frame so that when the door skins were assembled they hide the mounts instead of like normal where they just screw into the fiberglass and had everything powdercoated.

Knick Knack stuff, stainless heat shield for lines on the frame, the console, rear seat belts and the rest of the carpet set going in.

The tweeters went in easy, the drivers however were a different story.  At least the first one was.

Notice anything different, hmmm could it be the 3rd soft-top.

Putting the dash in along with the glove box.  I retrofitted it to work with the cage as the ECM is tucked underneath the plastic glove box.

Notice the sliders, the grill under the SS insert, winch, lights (the second pair we got for it)....everything is tucked away nicely


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